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  Earning Hour

Expires: 2017-05-24
Position 1 - $6/Week


Expires: 2017-05-16
Position 2 - $5.9/Week

  Hour 888

Expires: 2017-05-07
Position 3 - $5.8/Week


Expires: 2017-05-20
Position 4 - $5.7/Week

  Bit King

Expires: 2017-05-04
Position 5 - $5.6/Week

  Roll My Coin

Expires: 2017-04-28
Position 6 - $5.5/Week

  BTC make

Expires: 2017-05-07
Position 7 - $5.4/Week

  Hour Paid Inv

Expires: 2017-05-02
Position 8 - $5.3/Week

  Pay Forex Money

Expires: 2017-04-28
Position 9 - $5.2/Week

  Gra BTC

Expires: 2017-05-03
Position 10 - $5.1/Week

  BTC Rich

Expires: 2017-05-07
Position 11 - $5/Week

  Safety Paying

Expires: 2017-05-07
Position 12 - $4.9/Week

  Coin Amazing

Expires: 2017-05-08
Position 13 - $4.8/Week

Position 14 - Your Ad here for $4.7/Week  [Click to Preview]


Expires: 2017-05-10
Position 15 - $4.6/Week

  BTC Union

Expires: 2017-05-19
Position 16 - $4.5/Week


Expires: 2017-04-28
Position 17 - $4.4/Week


Expires: 2017-05-25
Position 18 - $4.3/Week


Expires: 2017-05-24
Position 19 - $4.2/Week

  Bit Company

Expires: 2017-05-10
Position 20 - $4.1/Week

  Withdraw Easy

Expires: 2017-04-28
Position 21 - $4/Week


Expires: 2017-05-23
Position 22 - $3.9/Week

  Profit Own

Expires: 2017-04-28
Position 23 - $3.8/Week

Position 24 - Your Ad here for $3.7/Week  [Click to Preview]

  Hour Pays

Expires: 2017-05-02
Position 25 - $3.6/Week

  Hour Pay Ltd.

Expires: 2017-05-04
Position 26 - $3.5/Week

  HYIP Choose

Expires: 2017-05-07
Position 27 - $3.4/Week

  Fast Pay Money

Expires: 2017-05-27
Position 28 - $3.3/Week


Expires: 2017-05-27
Position 29 - $3.2/Week

  Invest mega

Expires: 2017-05-09
Position 30 - $3.1/Week

  Invest Mega

Expires: 2017-05-28
Position 31 - $3/Week

  Finance Group

Expires: 2017-05-10
Position 32 - $2.9/Week

  Asset Instant

Expires: 2017-05-28
Position 33 - $2.8/Week

  Crazy Coin

Expires: 2017-05-16
Position 34 - $2.7/Week


Expires: 2017-05-28
Position 35 - $2.6/Week

  Bit 4 Money

Expires: 2017-05-20
Position 36 - $2.5/Week

  BTC Paid

Expires: 2017-05-24
Position 37 - $2.4/Week

Position 38 - Your Ad here for $2.3/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 39 - Your Ad here for $2.2/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 40 - Your Ad here for $2.1/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 41 - Your Ad here for $2/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 42 - Your Ad here for $1.9/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 43 - Your Ad here for $1.8/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 44 - Your Ad here for $1.7/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 45 - Your Ad here for $1.6/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 46 - Your Ad here for $1.5/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 47 - Your Ad here for $1.4/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 48 - Your Ad here for $1.3/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 49 - Your Ad here for $1.2/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 50 - Your Ad here for $1.1/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 51 - Your Ad here for $1/Week  [Click to Preview]

Position 52 - Your Ad here for $0.9/Week  [Click to Preview]


Expires: 2017-04-30
Position 53 - $0.8/Week


Expires: 2017-05-03
Position 54 - $0.7/Week


Expires: 2017-05-04
Position 55 - $0.6/Week


Expires: 2017-05-12
Position 56 - $0.5/Week

  Open Cash

Expires: 2017-05-02
Position 57 - $0.4/Week


Expires: 2017-05-01
Position 58 - $0.3/Week


Expires: 2017-04-30
Position 59 - $0.2/Week

Position 60 - Your Ad here for $0.1/Week  [Click to Preview]

    hyip trusted is a listing of high yield investment programs. (Hyip and Autosurf)
  • You can add a new Hyip or Autosurf program if you are its administrator or owner.
  • Do not submit a referral url in your program domain.
  • Your program will be added in the list automatically after sending us your payment. You will receive the html code for the monitor button or you can find it in the details page by yourself. Then you can copy the button code to place it on your website.
  • You can not rate your own program. If our system finds these fake votes, your program will be blacklisted. To get more proper votes you can place our button in the most visible place on your site and ask your members for voting every 24 hours.
  • We do not have a Refund Policy, if we had deemed your program to be detrimental to our reputation, your payment will be considered as a Listing Reservation Fee for your next reasonably schemed program. You agree that it is at our discretion whether to reinvest or not if your program is found to be not paying anymore and/or selectively paying your members.
  • Your Program Status will be based meticulously on the following criteria and circumstances:
    PAYING - we are regularly receiving payments from your program without any problems.
    WAITING - program is newly added and no payment made yet; withdrawal is pending because program is offline for maintenance or script update.
    PROBLEM - we have 2 or more pending withdrawals; site is inaccessible for some days; with verified reports of unpaid investor/s even if you are paying us, cases of selective payments.
    NOT PAYING - we have not received payment for 2 or more withdrawal requests made within a considerable time span; with verified reports of unpaid investor/s.
  • If you find that the listing which you have submitted before is not listed on hyip trusted, please do not re-submit it again. Check that you have already made the initial deposit amount and contact us via our support form if you have any questions or require any assistance.
  • Please read our TERMS and CONDITIONS first. If you fully agree on these terms and conditions, please proceed on listing your program below.
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